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Welcome to Sport Massage Therapy. Throughout my years as a massage therapist I have always believed in a holistic approach to treatment, by that I mean understanding the real causes of injuries, stress or illness. All the therapists at Sport Massage Therapy follow this philosophy. That is why our clients, once cured, are able to avoid similar injuries and to carry on with their life less affected by pain and discomfort with just a ‘maintenance’ massage every so often.

We will give you a thorough consultation which includes medical and lifestyle questions as well as diet and physical assessment. The consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes and it is absolutely free; Please note, if we feel that you need a different type of treatment we will refer you to another specialist or your doctor. Our satisfaction comes from making you better.

Following the consultation we then discuss what type of treatment will be most beneficial to you and what it involves, creating a treatment plan that suits you best.

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So, if you have a work or sport injury, want to relax, banish wrinkles, cellulite or stress, call now, on 07726 879506, or email me with a brief description of your condition, and get on the road to wellbeing.

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